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Gastein Healing Gallery

The Gastein Healing Gallery is a Health Centre based on radon therapy, located in Böckstein (en route to Sportgastein).
The Gastein Healing Gallery cure is based on therapeutic sessions in the 2,5 km long natural radon tunnel.

The combination of radon, heat and humidity inside the mountain makes the Gastein Healing Gallery unique worldwide.

Living pain free, naturally

A cure in the Gastein Healing Gallery relieves chronic pain, improves quality of life, reduces the need for medication, protects and strengthens the immune system – and much more.

The effectiveness of treatments has been scientifically researched and proven.

The Gastein Healing Gallery helps with rheumatic-inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory passages and the skin. A therapy duration of two to four weeks is recommended with three to four tunnel trips per week.

The Healing Gallery therapy is recognized by Austrian and German social insurance providers.

We would be pleased to organise and quote for your complete therapy holiday in Gastein, including transfer, medical examinations, therapies and tunnel trips.

Kur in Gastein

Physical therapies

The Gastein Healing Gallery also offers and provides physical therapies. In order to achieve the best possible cure results for you, and depending on a doctor’s prescription, additional therapies are possible. The list of therapies includes everything from therapeutic exercises, hiking and climbing, to massages and much more.

Timetable of a Healing Gallery tunnel session

Sessions in the Healing Gallery in Bad Gastein take place throughout the day. Before you enter the Gallery, you will have a medical examination which will determine your state of health, general disposition and the nature of your ailments. During the trip into the tunnel, you spend 60 minutes in the therapy area. After that there are 30 minutes for after-rest to enable your body to activate its self-healing powers.

Gasteiner Heilstollen